Modern Veterans feat x.o anne.

I’ve been itching for this one to come out 🙂

Last year I was at a writing camp in the Netherlands and wrote this song with Modern Veterans, x.o anne and Linda Kiraly. Quite nostalgic feeling which I personally love doing. A great collaboration, pulling together our strengths to bring out the best in this amazing song.

Enjoy it!

‘Ready Let Go’ music video out!

Check out this really cool music video by Keiko Necesario for her third single ‘Ready let Go’.. I love it!’Ready let Go’ album is out on all platforms so please go check it out 😊 Would really mean a lot to us 🙌Produced by yours truly and Brendyn Rossouw under the production duo Chasing Fantasia.

‘Ready Let Go’ Album release.

In the beginning of the year, before the world went totally upside, I was in the Philippines with my mate and production partner Brendyn ‘Rusti’ Rossouw as Chasing Fantasia, producing an amazing and talented artist, Keiko Necesario.

We spent 6 incredible weeks there. Fell in the love with the people, the country and the FOOD! Honestly one of the best experiences I’ve had. I would highly recommend a trip there.

Eight months and ten songs later, ‘Ready Let Go’ Keiko’s album is finally out!

Thank you to all who were involved in this project.

Right Next To You

Earlier this year, I visited the Philippines with my best mate and production partner Brendyn Rossouw, to work with the amazing and talented singer Keiko Necesario under the name Chasing Fantasia!
I am so excited to share the first single from the upcoming album ‘Ready Let Go’
Thank you to everyone who made this possible!